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I’ve beeNikki Bee Williams, writern a writer for nearly 30 years, and I’m just now starting to tie my experiences into one bundle to share with others who are seeking a fulfilling career in writing. In my writing life, I’ve worked for political action committees, engineering firms, telecom giants, government agencies, plant nurseries, universities, jewelry designers, and app creators to help them find their voices. I’ve been published in national magazines, both print and online, and become the author of a #1 Amazon Bestseller. It’s been a wild, fun, and crazy ride during which I discovered one truth:

Words can change the world.

They can certainly change your life. And choosing a writer’s life is one of
the best ways to implement change in your circumstances. Do you want to work from home? See your name on a byline? Get that awesome story out of your head and into print? Perhaps you just want to start a personal journal or write for the sheer fun of it.

You CAN do this—I promise. Just don’t let “information overload” slow you down!

Many writers-to-be get bogged down in the minutiae of “how to” and end up spinning their wheels endlessly in the muck, frustrated by lack of progress or just overwhelmed by the sheer number of voices out there telling them how to begin, how to progress, or how to market themselves. Well-meaning advice from friends and family combined with the sheer enormity of information available online for writers makes for a lot of data to refine.

And most people don’t have the time or ability to endlessly sort through all of the tips, tricks and tools to weed out the inconsequential stuff and get down to the nuggets of goodness that are sprinkled here and there.

But I do. 

In fact, I’ve built a business doing just that! Now I’d like to share that knowledge with you so you can have all the facts at your fingertips without, well, having to lift a finger. Join me as I explore new, and sometimes unconventional, solutions to jumpstart your writing and help you get your words and ideas out of your head and on to the page!

Join me, and watch your writing happen.

See you on the next page!

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