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I love freelance writing. And I write a lot, as you can see. I’ve linked to my work where possible, so click any pubs you’d like to check out.


I’ve made a living freelance writing non-fiction articles and books. I love the way writing keeps me abreast of what’s new in the world! For example, when having a business and triplet teenagers had me looking for new ways to de-stress, I compiled what I learned in my book One Size Does NOT Fit All: Stress Management. To my amazement, it went on to become an Amazon bestseller!


horror fiction salt in the blood

FALL 2016 on AMAZON!


Ah, fiction — my true love!

I’ve published several flash fiction pieces online so long ago I’ve forgotten where they landed. Recently, I was a runner-up for a Writer’s Weekly short story contest.

Now, I’m in the process of compiling a book of short stories that focus on the strange and compelling while simultaneously editing a fantasy novel. And finally, I’m getting ready to publish the first in the Blood of Ages Saga books: Salt in the Blood. This novella’s been edited by none other than Stephen King’s first editor, Michael Garrett. That’s exciting stuff! To learn more, head over to and check it out. While not technically freelance writing, it is writing and publishing on my own, which I think qualifies it for listing here. Also:

                             Out of Time published in Made up Words on Medium


I love freelance writing for the realm of articles. In fact, my first article landed in a major print magazine. Second Chance, a story about a crippled and neglected African Grey parrot with an amazing aptitude, was published in the July 1991 issue of Bird Talk Magazine. In 2012, the magazine closed its doors from overwhelming competition with online publications. Since then, it has re-emerged online as, but the print version is gone for good. Although the online news, articles, and other content spelled doom for some print pubs, for writers it flung open wide the doors of opportunity. There are many opportunities for writers to get noticed online since there are more avenues for publication. Here are a few online pubs I’ve written for:




Meditative Activities That Can Help You De-Stress



So, I’m moving away from freelance writing for clients on web content and websites and toward publishing my own work, but here’s a sampling of some folks with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working.

  • Michelle Hubbard, CPA
  • Joseph Volpe, Designer
  • Siriusly K-9, Dog Training
  • Northeast Florida Native Nursery
  • Denise Schirr, Breeder of Champion Mi-kis
  • CSI, Engineers
  • Pitman, Hartenstein & Associates, Inc.
  • Aikenhead and Odom, Inc.
  • England, Thims & Miller, Engineers
  • Heathcoat & Davis, Inc.
  • Cheerful, Inc.


Content includes articles, blog posts, technical writing and more. I’ve been a content and marketing writer for over 25 years. My LinkedIn profile has a more in-depth listing of my nine-to-five work, but I started consulting on my own more than 15 years ago. During that time, I’ve had a number of clients, from jewelry designers in Ireland to an awesome company called Cheerful, Inc.  Ultimately, one of my very favorite projects was this series of guides I wrote to help drive traffic to this stunning Celtic jewelry site,


After helping individuals and businesses find their voices, I’ve finally found mine! I give a series of seminars on natural beauty and stress management in the Houston area to help others age-proof their bodies and stress-proof their lives. I’d love to see you at one if you’re in town.



Natural Beauty I – Making It — Lonestar Family Chiropractic, Katy TX

Natural Beauty II – Tools — Superior Health Care, Katy TX



Natural Beauty I & II — A Healing Space, Houston TX (January, date TBD)

Stress Management — Superior Health Care, Katy TX (May 9, 2016)



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