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sci-fi writing prompt

February 5, 2016: Sci-Fi

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A few of you have requested that I provide a few more clues to spark your creativity for these prompts, so I will start with this sci-fi one:

  • Who is burning the words?
  • What does the language control?
  • Who wishes to stop the words from burning?
  • What century is it?
  • Are the words in books or printed out from a computer?
  • Is there some reason why print might be archaic or obsolete?

Okay now — go write about it!


Nikki Bee

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sci fi writing prompt

December 21, 2015: Sci-Fi

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Write a scene using this prompt:


She sighed and turned away. His bar code might look the same as hers, but he was a whole different animal.

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sci-fi writing prompt

December 14, 2015: Science Fiction

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The world has become so overcrowded that people are forced to live in shifts. Entire families enter a government-regulated sleep period (by taking a government-prescribed pill)¬†for 12 hours each day while their “co-families” (people that share their homes and are awake while the other family sleeps) get up and go about their daily business. But one man decides that 12 hour days is simply not enough…


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