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defending your writing from trolls

Defend Your Writing Without Turning Yourself into a Troll

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I read a well-written article by fellow Medium writer Pete Ross about how people are offended by the occasional curse word. He nobly defends his fellow writers from what were obviously petty and poorly-considered jabs at their writing prowess and personal choices from the horde of trolls that inevitably lurks around every corner of the social

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writing in the dark

Writing in the Dark: A Technique for Explosive Prose

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Need to add impact to a pivotal scene in your novel? Try writing in the dark. Anyone who’s studied the effects of sensory deprivation knows they impact creativity greatly. While not everyone has access to, or can afford, time in a sensory deprivation tank, there are ways to harness some of that deprivation juju to enhance your

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write fast on computer

Write Fast Now. Write Better Later.

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Sometimes, I write fast. Other times, not so much. In fact, some days the tick of the clock in my office seems as horrible as Chinese water torture with its insistent reminder of the words I’m not writing. Tick. (I’ve got laundry to do.) Tock. (Better answer this email.) Tick. (The dog needs some exercise.) Tock. (I’m

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