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how to edit like an artist

How to Edit Like An Artist

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Writers are adept at painting pictures with words. There are bold and colorful strokes for an ecstatic passage; more subtle ones for a paragraph filled with tension or mystery. Like every piece of art, your writing will benefit from an editor’s touch. And if you’re editing your own work, it’s important to know how to edit

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new adult novel

New Adult Fiction: A Young Genre with Big Potential

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I’m amazed at how much in the publishing world slips by me, given that I’m a voracious reader and author. The New Adult genre was one of those things I feel like I probably should’ve known about, but didn’t. Thank goodness for author Sonya Ray, whose New Adult series of books pulled me into the 21st

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apocalyptic writing event

3 Tools to Survive An Apocalyptic Writing Event

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Can you survive a terminal writing event? What would you do if you woke up one morning to discover all your writing had disappeared overnight? Every stroke of literary genius, every word made flesh on the page — gone. What, especially, would you do if your soon-to-be-published novel was a part of that giant data

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